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At 2:09 a sportsman (Scott Norton) kisses and hugs his husband. Just as normal as it is. (He cried in memory of a friend who died.)

"It was nice to see the telecasters step into the 21st century and treat Scott's homosexuality as just a matter of fact and not a sensation. The focus was upon how well he was playing. They did mention that Scott came out after his win in 2011 during the telecast. They also mentioned that his first title win in 2011 helped him come out the shadow of his mother, Hall of Fame bowler Virginia Norton, but that this second win defined him as a true threat on tour." source

A commercial for a television-night (august 4 2012) by BNN (a broadcaster on dutch Public Television) about being gay on the football-field titled 'FC Gay'.

The commercial was also used within a public campaign and by the dutch football association KNVB.