You can't disagree with someones sexuality

"After a little bit of the preceding scene (where Marta, played by Micaela Nevárez, and Greg, played by Victor Rasuk, are parting ways), we come to the first gay sex (love) scene in the movie The War Boys (2009). This is the first of two such scenes in the film.

This scene may be puzzling to those who have not seen the movie, so here's a bit of context. Earlier, three best friends (David, George, and Greg) had been out in the desert where one of them (George) falls into a patch of cactus and gets cactus spines lodged in his buttocks. Now, he is being helped by his friend (David), who is removing the cactus spines. The actors are Benjamin Walker (who plays David, the one removing the spines) and Brian J. Smith (who plays George, the one having the spines removed).

Obviously, falling into a cactus patch, and having to have your best friend remove the spines from your buttocks, is a plot contrivance that the writers used as an excuse to have one character unclothed while his buttocks are carefully examined by another character. However, it does lead to very dramatic and erotic confrontation between the two male leads."