"I'm sorry the sound quality sucks. First let me explain what I did. It was our anniversary so I took her to the very first place we saw each other and kissed. Here she also promised me that she would always be with me. A few months back wrote on a piece of paper "I promise to marry you someday." So I took that piece of paper and tied her engagement ring to it and placed it in a box to give her. :)

Here's what was said:
Amanda: "Do you remember what you promised me here?"
Hailey: "Yes, that I would always be with you.
Amanda: "Yea, that you would always be with me. Now keep that promise."
*Amanda gets down on one knee*
Hailey: "No your not!"
Amanda: "Hailey Himes, will you please marry me? Will you please spend the rest of forever with me like you promised?"
She said yes and cried :)"