Coming in

Coming in is the reason coming out can be an emotional thing to do. If you you are nog LGBT, maybe you can relate to it like this. If you have a secret that's really big, and almost every day you think about, are reminded about it and many times people refer to it. Then you might understand that that could be really hard. Even more if people talk about it and you need to deny it and therefore lie. If after a lot of soul searching you finally tell someone this secret, it's an emotional unload. Sharing something you've only thought of (so many times and for such a long time), but never spoken of.

But coming in is not only a hard time (should it?), it's also something that make's you grow as a person! Some people never get to know themselfs as you do!

Chris Murfy

For an opinion (listen to other persons opinions, to discover your own) on life, that might interest you, watch untill the end (else it's done at 2:07)

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Homophobia is a dangerous word when it has nothing but hate involve in it.

Your happiness is more important than what others think!

Of course this doesn't mean: "Do what you want, although it's heartful." Get to know yourself to determine if it is sacrificingyourself. But being any part of LGBT is something you should never be asked to sacrifice.


Definitely gay.