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From the author: ""Born This Way: Real Stories of Growing Up Gay" book is out now (Quirk Books), available in stores and online here -"
In this promo video you see a lot of childhood pictures of kids we grew up while being LGBT.

A young boy and a girl coming in their sexuality. Don't worry it IS LGBT! ;-)

 Just a few dutch words are spoken:
--While meeting:"Hi" / "Hi, Eric" / "Here, catch."
--5:35 Sophie: "I'll do it."
--5:45 Sophie: "OK, guess what I'm drawing?" Her father: "Guess what you are drawing? Ok, come on! What is it? It's very small. A tree?" Sophie: "No." Father: "An apple?" "No" 
--7:03 Sophie: "Quess what I'm drawing?" Eric: "It's a S" Sophie: "For Sophie. ... Close your eyes and count to ten." Eric counts. Sophie: "And now you." She counts.
--8:24 Father: "It's a ... "