Being out

If you identify yourself as gay, bi or pan, than others need to deal with that. (Although in some area's you just can't.)
Watch your boundaries! Stand firm. LGBT's often say that being out (not the same as coming out) was the best thing they have done. Not that it wasn't hard. And even while relationships got broken somehow.

Being out is not the same thing as always announcing that you are gay. It really is not that important. But when something occurs, it's about being open and just saying what you want to say. And no, you are not showing something deeply personal: If a straight person can say 'what a hot girl', you can say the same thing about someone.

This men stands up. Watch it untill the end!

On a shirt.

So it's all to blame to drinking...

And yes, there is a way to be out to much ;-) 
Or maybe a lesson to come in first and then be out.


Come out, come out wherever you are!