LOVE any gender you want today!

Note that although it says 'want' it does not mean that it's "just" a choice. It simply means, that everyone needs to butt out. And that you have the right (and even the duty to yourself) to LOVE the gender you feel like every day. Even if that's the same gender day after day. Even if you are attracted to both genders. Even if you are not attracted to a certain gender. Even if you are attracted to your own gender. And, of course, even if you are attracted to the opposite gender.

It's this normal to be gay and have a family (out and proud)

This vid is not about you learning any lingo if you are LGBT. This site's about just being you. And so, here you can see three people being who they are.

And, no, you don't need to have pink socks to be gay (or other things mentioned), but having a sense of humour helps everyone in life.

King & King  (Orginal title: Koning & Koning (dutch, 2000); written by Linda de Haan; illustrated by Stern Nijland) German, Danish, Fries, Spanish, Catalan en English
*King & King and family  Linda de Haan / Stern Nijland