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The site is not ready. Lesbians aren't visible enough.
Also gender-diversity is not ready. And there are still many errors.


This site is to recognise the beautiful people who are out there. To show that all caterpillars can become butterflies. If you let yourself. It's something you have to do yourself, but there is help. I hope that bringing all that love to one place will help you in your search to find who you really are.

The site is a celebration of becoming who you are. Wether that's straight or LGB, being comfortable in/with your own gender identity / expression, your passions and opinions, how you look and move, what you do or do not.

It's also a tribute to LGBT-people everywhere in past and present. Not only will you see that we are in the present. We (you) have a past. And we (you) will have a future! Because those who differ, make the world shine! And everyone of us makes a difference just by being out there.

And last but certainly not least it's to show those living in areas / countries where LGBT is not understood, that you are not alone, and it can get better, history has proven that. (If you are LGBT in better places, please always try to support those struggling with acceptance.)

  • The shown media should mostly speak for itself. By having many voices, thoughts and opinions it should do justice to most part of the LGBT-community. Not to much text.
  • The site is about pride and to show a positive but realistic view. That doesn't mean that it should not be about any negative things. It's in the way it's shown. No dispear. Strong. The horrible things will be mentioned (somewhere) and we will let people know it is NOT ok! But it's not an about campaigning.
  • Heritage / history is as important to the LGBT-culture as it is in any.
  • This site is in English, most vids are from American. But is for EVERYONE worldwide. Maybe not now, but we aim high.
  • This site is for those ages that are looking for there identity. It is regarded safe to view for them. Some vids didn't make it to the site, because it's for "young" ages as well. But they will not be shielded against life or all bad words. We believe that sexuality and the human body is normal for all ages, but must be set within context of that age.
  • We believe that open education is the way to educate (young) people to become powerful and good human beings. Keep in mind that this is not an American site. It's from European origin.
  • Posts should only be used twice. One time within a theme and one time in a category.
  • Alle external links should open in a new window.
  • The media is organised with a educational mindset. So some media seems to be more fitting in another theme, but it is put somewhere else with meaning. Maybe a vid on marriage equality is put on the 'coming in'-page just because of it's power that you are not the only one wanting "normal" things and to show the power that's out there.

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To Bryan & Jay and RJ & Will for letting me see true love beyond being gay. And for you having the courage to open up your lives to show the world how normal being gay is. I join a long list of very gratefull people. Thank you.

And all the YouTubers whoms vids and people who's contributions from other sources have been put here. Wether it be you sharing it or creating it. I hope you see this as a recognition of your work and effort and as a thank you for being open and for being true to yourself.